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This SUP paddle features our tear shape blade face with a medium sized surface area. This paddle is for everyone from the smaller sized to larger sized SUP’er, our SUP paddles are made from the same materials as our kayak and canoe paddles, this means they are lightweight, strong and durable. This paddle is for the intermediate to experienced SUP’er and suitable for Touring, Racing, Surfing and running White Water. These are AFT blades, which is a Unique Construction to Ainsworth Paddles, they are tough but light to offer superb durability and performance there is nothing stronger than this on the market.
Minimum Weight: 600g
Blade Length: 53.5cm or 21 inches
Blade Width: 19cm or 7.5 inches
Surface Area: 85 Sq inches
Shaft Diameter: 28.5mm

These paddles feature AFT - Advanced Foam Technology - blades. These are made using a unique polyurethane foam construction to produce a paddle which is tough but is also light and floaty. The superb buoyancy in the light-weight blade makes it a sheer delight to use – it’s excellent for power strokes and, with maximum efficiency in each stroke, saves the paddler energy over long distances.

This paddle is available with the following shaft options:
Straight Carbon Shaft
Made with Ainsworth filament wound technology - significantly lighter than other shafts on the market. This shaft comes with our standard grip which is a shrink PVC coating.
SUP Two Part Adjustable Split Carbon Shaft:
The SUP two part adjustable split shaft is available only in the SUP range and only with a straight shaft, the carbon option comes with a telescopic adjustable range (76 – 86 inches) camlock fitting. Salt water resistant fittings.

SUP Three Part Adjustable Split Carbon Shaft:
Like the SUP two part adjustable split shaft the three part is available only in the SUP range and only with a straight shaft, the carbon option comes with a telescopic adjustable range (76 – 86 inches) camlock fitting. With another join at the blade end to make it much more compact when travelling, this joint is a locating spigot only not adjustable in length. Salt water resistant fittings.

The most important factors in choosing the length for your paddle are your height and the type of SUP'ing you'll be doing. We have tried to help you with this by creating a paddle guide, this is a guide only: personal preference is also an important factor.

SUP Paddle Guide
Under 5’            72 inches
5’ – 5’3”            74 inches
5’4 – 5’7”           76 inches
5’8 – 5’9”           78 inches
5’10 – 6’            80 inches
Over 6’1”           82 inches or above

Ainsworth takes pride in creating the strongest, lightest and most durable paddles on the market. Ainsworth is very confident in the performance of its paddles and offers a one year warranty.
The warranty applies from the date of purchase and is restricted to the original purchaser. It covers defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use. Note that the warranty does not cover ‘edge wear’ on the RTM range of paddles.
Damages due to abuse, negligence or normal wear and tear will be repaired or replaced for a very reasonable charge.
Product Code:  AFT SUP

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