CANOE PLAY (Glass Pro) One Piece Carbon Shaft


Product Information

This blade is a powerful spoon shaped dihedral ideal for Open Canoe, Play boating OC1, C1 and White Water Tandem use. It delivers a huge amount of power with a large surface area to brace off. Don’t be mistaken this blade is for the stronger open canoe play boater.

AINSWORTH have developed the `Snap Cure` manufacturing technique for Glass and Carbon pre preg materials. This dramatically reduces the processing time to make products from these high tech materials and so the Glass pre preg range of paddles with their inherent high performance characteristics can be offered at cost effectives prices that transform the affordability for High End paddles.
This construction offers the same strength as carbon pre preg paddles but with a little more weight & flexibility, which is sometimes a paddlers preference.

One Piece Carbon Straight Shaft
AINSWORTH use a carbon composite pre preg shaft with a percentage of bi-axial glass that increases the UTS ( ultimate tensile strength) of the shaft. Glass has 3-5 times the elongation at break as carbon, and when laminated with the stiffer carbon material the best of both materials combine to make the ideal construction for paddle shafts.

The most important factors in choosing the length for your paddle are your height and the type of canoeing you'll be doing. We have tried to help you with this by creating a paddle guide, this is a guide only: personal preference is also an important factor.

Ainsworth takes pride in creating the strongest, lightest and most durable paddles on the market. Ainsworth is very confident in the performance of its paddles and offers a one year warranty.
The warranty applies from the date of purchase and is restricted to the original purchaser. It covers defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use. Note that the warranty does not cover edge wear.
Damages due to abuse, negligence or normal wear and tear will be repaired or replaced for a very reasonable charge.

Technical Specifications

Product Code C-GLASS-PLAY-CSS-125