AINSWORTH blade technology

Ainsworth takes pride in creating the strongest, lightest and most durable canoe and kayak paddles on the market. Since the first foam core glass fibre blades produced by Ainsworth in the early 70’s the company has continued to push the boundaries of composite technology.
Please take a look at our different constructions and ranges in the sections below.

Blade Technology       
Ainsworth manufacture four ranges of paddles from our entry value range to our pro range.

Pro Range                         

Top of the range are the Carbon Blades offering the highest levels of performance and available in beautiful carbon black finish.

PRE-PREG CARBON  Blades :    Beautiful, super light and really strong.

A brand new range of high quality, performance paddles. The new `Superlight` Pre-Preg blades offer top class performance and feel.  With a high gloss finish the Carbon Pre-Preg paddles inherit the strength, endurance and a full years warranty for which AINSWORTH is renowned.
The new Carbon Pre-Preg blades achieve their performance through a high tech manufacturing process that pre-impregnates Epoxy resin through Carbon fibres at immense pressures at up to 65% carbon to resin content. Paddles made in this process can offer dramatic weight saving and produce a paddle blade where the edge wear is vastly superior to conventional wet lay up processes which rarely achieve 40% carbon to resin content.
The increased strength of the structure  pushes the boundaries of paddle design and so these new paddles can have up to 10  deg . kick back which not only advances the `catch` but drains quicker and assist rolling.
This really is the next generation in paddle development.

Performance Range

The Poly Carb blade is aPoly Carbonate composite range is tough but light to offer superb durability and performance there is nothing stronger than this on the market!
Ainsworth use a super tough Poly Carbonate composite injection moulded construction for superb durability and performance to give a strong, ‘all round’ paddle. Launched in 2014, the material strength is over double the strength of the nylon 12 used in many other nylon paddles at this price point. Ainsworth’s Poly Carbonate blade is much stiffer than other nylon paddles. The shaft is pressed into the blades with hydraulic pressure to a depth of 10cm, ensuring a watertight joint and a continuous feel from shaft to blade tip. The high strength of the material means that the blade can be made lighter than other paddles that use a Nylon construction.
Classic Range

The mid range, AFT blade uses a unique construction method which allows the blades to float, giving the user maximum efficiency and a superb light feel.
These paddles feature AFT - Advanced Foam Technology - blades. These are made using a unique polyurethane foam construction to produce a paddle which is tough but is also light and floaty. The superb buoyancy in the light-weight blade makes it a sheer delight to use – it’s excellent for support strokes and, with maximum efficiency in each stroke, saves the paddler energy over long distances.

Value Range

The entry level ABS plastic range gets beginners on the water at the lowest possible cost.
The budget range, entry-level blades are constructed from super tough PC/ABS plastic. The bomb-proof PC/ABS blades are ideal for beginners as they will take endless abuse but are still light at hand.

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