Customer Feedback

Marc 02-02-2016

Andrew-thought you might appreciate this feedback. Used my new Surf Carbon this weekend. First time I've properly used a carbon set for the day. I was mindful of the feedback that says the lack of flex with carbon means they can be unkind to joints.  This was not my experience at all. The fact that they are so light means that after several hours of paddling It didn't feel like it at all.  The way the blades slip in and out of the water is sweet sweet sweet! You barely feel you've hit the water. I had them on the electric weigh scales and they're less than 840 grams for a 197cm, I can't find any other make at this weight for this length. 
And to top it all, I pulled of my first roll with paddle.

All-in-all I'm very impressed. You deserve to give Werner, VE, AT and the like a good hiding.